Judge Mik Pappas’ Vision

End Mass Incarceration

  • Reduce disparities in arrest and incarceration for people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQIA+ persons
  • Eliminate cash bail and implement safer alternatives
  • Establish a habeas docket to ensure that judges regularly review the circumstances of incarcerated persons
  • Prioritize care over incarceration for people who have disabilities or suffer from mental illness and addiction
  • Focus the probation system on providing a supportive re-entry process
  • Plan for the closure of the Allegheny County Jail (Read more in Mik’s Medium article)


Stop Punishing Poverty

  • Replace fines, fees, and other financial penalties for minor violations of the law with community service, treatment, counseling, and employment training
  • Partner with the trades and employment agencies to help court-involved persons overcome barriers to employment
  • Develop alternatives to issuing warrants for non-payment of court debt and child support
  • Improve the system for attorney court-appointments to maximize choice


Prevent Family Trauma

  • Examine trauma-informed practices through court procedural audits
  • Expand access to community mediation and counseling for children and families who are experiencing parental incarceration, or who are involved in divorce proceedings and custody disputes
  • End the cycle of domestic violence by addressing root causes
  • Implement best practices in restorative justice



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